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Community Activities
Garden Valley Community Radio
(board member and station engineer)
Evergreen Resource, Inc & Big Sky Busing, Inc
Mechanic, IT administrator, Mobile Print Center Manager, Firefighter
Garden Valley Job Creation and Retention Council
(board member)
Project Patch
(relief direct care)
Garden Valley Calvary Chapel Church
(Youth helper)
Author, Editor, Publisher

Exploring The Innocence of God

(softcover) Ever wonder who God is, and why He does some of the things He does? This book by Tim may shed some light on it for you. Explore God's Innocence today!
Science fiction at its best, with hard science, raw emotions, and brutal times, all to test the character of a man on the edge

  • Sparks of War
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    Coming Soon!
  • Stones of Silence
  • Ripples of Consequence

    (softcover) All 3 Books in Tim Benedict's Broken Power Trilogy (Science Fiction), where one man and one woman struggle through the battle between good and evil in a universe run amok.
  • Your 30 Day Plan to generating huge amounts of web traffic...

    Your 30 Day Marketing Plan
    to establish any site on the net and get massive traffic flowing to it. Whether it's sales, signups, or just info dispersal that you want, high traffic is key...

    Over 170 ways that you can dramatically improve your gas mileage
    Ebook by Tim detailing over 170 different ways, products, and technologies whereby people are improving the gas mileage of every car they own (even doubling it).

    Energy Independence for the Common Man

    Ebook detailing how Tim and his family of ten lived off the grid for 4 years. Everything you need to know to get started doing the same.

    101+ Ways to Generate Web Traffic
    Ebook listing over a hundred free ways taken from Tim's own marketing list, for you to use to generate web traffic for your own websites too.
    Entrepreneur and Website Developer
     Website development clients include corporations, government agencies, small business owners, individuals, charities, and more. What are your needs today?
    Be it e-commerce, graphic design, brochure sites, online catalogs and shopping carts, or just plain simple info sites, I can do it.
    Other General Info and Interests
      Husband, Father of eight (several of them adopted), Outdoorsman, Follower of Jesus, Firefighter, Musician (piano, guitar, etc), Spelunker, Canoer, Mechanic, Mechanical design engineer, IT Administrator, etc...